I Wish

…I had breastfed longer


4 thoughts on “I Wish

  1. I am facing that decision right now. I planned to stop when she reached 2 years old and now that day is just 7 days away. I know that there isn’t much milk left, but our morning ritual of laying in bed together will be gone if I stop. I know it’s different from your decision, but this post moved me nonetheless.

  2. Your comment made me realized that our rituals have not changed. We would cuddle at night, I’d rock her, she’d nurse and I’d put her to bed. But now we cuddle, read a book, I rock her and then put her in the bed.

    I bet your morning ritual can continue minus the nursing.

    I dunno, as I read more about breastfeeding and its benefits I wish I had done it longer. I wonder if I was being selfish in letting her ween when she did. But I try to remind myself that something is better than nothing.

    • Every bit helps. My MIL only nursed one of her sons and that was only for two weeks. That son, the oldest, is the only one that didn’t get Type 1 diabetes. What you’ve done is much more than that!

  3. There are days when I find myself doing the “wishing”…for doing things differently, somehow. But, then he chortles and giggles or signs “I love you” and I realize, that he doesn’t care what I did then…only what I do now. feperella, I think I’m going to be thinking more about those things I have wished about…

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