It’s time to stick my toes in…

Ok, I’ve been dawdling on the sidelines here. You know how it is, it’s warm out but you’re worried that the water is that incy bit too cool to make you catch your breath when you jump in. And then you have to con your brain into believing that you’d better swim furiously to get warm. So, without letting yourself think another procrastinatory thought, you duck your head under. And you’re away.

Oh, hello – MamaMeiMei is in the lake! Neck, shoulders, elbows, fingers, belly button and toes are all immersed, with legs and arms rotating at odd angles – read ‘treading water’. Head is partially submerged, eyes blinking with wet lashes flicking the odd droplet of water down my face. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara.

Having grown up on a rather large island, I’m lost without a coast. It feels disorientating not being able to see the edge of land, where earth meets water. Luckily Minnesota has lots of lakes, big and small, the biggest of which allow you to imagine you’re standing on the coast. As you all know, there can even be waves!

Like most toddlers, my daughter at 15mos loved the sand at the beach – but was a bit wary of the crashing waves.

So, instead we waded through the crystal blue, knee-high water searching for crabs hiding in rocks, and when we finally dipped her toes into the ocean surf she actually went scuttling back in, to sink her feet further into the soft sand.

She realized it was much more fun being in, than it was being out.

It’s a bit like how I feel now. Waterproof mascara or not, it’s time for a swim!


4 thoughts on “It’s time to stick my toes in…

  1. Ha! I think that’s great that we have two Mamas here that know the ocean so well, and three others that are more familiar with lakes.

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