Fish Phobia

It used to be that the Little Lotus Bud was terrified of fish.  It was expensive insight.  We paid $36 for the entrance fee and parking at the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth.  And she was much more interested in the stroller provided by the Aquarium then the wondeful fish tanks.  The escalators were a hit, too.  She managed to flee and I had to chase her when she hopped on the escalator heading back up into the Aquarium.

The following weekend was very interesting as both her Dad and I observed her talking to her stuffed animals.  “It’s OK,” she would tell them.  “It’s just fish.”  Over and over she would assure them: “It’s just fish.”  Apparently she does listen to me.

But, it’s a new year and time for new adventures.  We made our way to SeaLife at the MOA on a chilly January day.  As she entered the tunnels, she kept saying, this time to herself “It’s Ok.  It’s just fish.” 

I was happy that she was able to reason with herself and overcome her fear.

And so I tell myself, as I begin my own new adventure into the blogging world. 

It’s OK.  It’s just fish.


Jump right in.

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