Sipping a Glass of Wine

This is the first time I’ve tried drinking and swimming.  I am too much of a control freak to allow myself to do much of anything while drinking. And I’m not that great of a swimmer anyways.

Geez, where was I going with this metaphor?

I am mama feeperella.  I am the proud and mama of two spawn children who make my world go round.

*sips wine*

Both of my babies were born near the lake. While I was born some few decades ago near farms, and homes with huge yards that housed gardens and animals.  It was much warmer there, in Arkansas.  It’s a wonder that I remember so much of my 5 years of life there.  But I remember the sun, and our strawberry patch, and the cornfield. And the gardens. Those vast gardens grew the food we ate everyday.   I wonder what my children will remember about where they grew up?

Perhaps my children will remember our gardens. Maybe they will remember our bike rides through downtown Minneapolis.  We cross so many bridges over the Mississippi River.  I wonder will they remember that the river connects their origins to my origins. I wonder if they will remember countless walks around Lake Calhoun in the summer time.  Perhaps they will remember the moments of laughter as I listen to baby girl scream “NO!” while brother tries to explain that he’s only trying to help her put her coat on. I want them to remember all of these things as well as I remember life near the farms.

*sips wine*

I try to bring some of that country life into my city home near the lake.  When we bike by the Mississippi next time I will tell them stories of my childhood.  We’ll talk about how the river connects my origins to their origins.


2 thoughts on “Sipping a Glass of Wine

  1. I didn’t realize the Mississippi connected to Arkansas. There that’s stereotypical American sense of geography [but really, I was great at geography in school!]. We moved to Toronto when I was very young and I swear I have memories of snow from when I was 2. Sometimes I think it’s Minnesota’s snow that conjures those old memories.

    Now I understand a bit more about your desire to garden with your children. My family were farmers. I hope that my little one gets that sense of wonder in growing her own food!

    Great post!

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