What NOT to Do

When I ventured into motherhood some 11 years ago I totally freaked.  Confidence was high as I carried my man-child in the womb. But once he finally made his entrance, via my birth canal, it was totally different. He had to be cared for beyond proper nourishment. I had to think about how I would raise him and guide him.

I cried a lot. I am sure much if it was hormonal. But there was a very real fear of my capabilities as a mother. One thing I was certain of at the time is that I would raise him completely different than my mom raised (or didn’t raise) me and my siblings.

And even now I question myself:

Have I been too open with him?

Have I shielded him too much?

Have I taught him gratitude?

Am I showing him enough attention?

I prayed nightly the first 6 years that God would help me be a better parent than I thought I knew how to be. Now I thank God daily for blessing me to be the parent of two amazing children who teach me SO much about LOVE and gratitude.  I thank God for the gift of mothering because without it I would not be as courageous as I am growing to be.  And the moments I sit back and watch the man-child spoil his little sister and protect her from the imminent danger of a fall on the carpet, I know that I have either taught him or given him the space to learn to LOVE.

THAT makes me a proud mama. That is the Universe letting me know that it was a divine plan for me to birth these precious miracles.  it was a divine plan for ME to nurture them, raise them, guide them and ultimately learn from them the power and magnitude of a perfect LOVE.

And while I spent the earlier years of my son’s life focused on what NOT to do, I have now learned what I must do is continue to love them to the best of my ability. I know I can give them that.


2 thoughts on “What NOT to Do

  1. So many things in this great post! Finding courage, raising children differently than our mothers, giving thanks for the blessings – all good things! Focusing on what NOT to do can cloud over those wonderful moments with our children. Wise words from such a wise woman. Thank you for this!

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