Wandering on a Wednesday

Wandering away from what I’m supposed to be doing today, I found these links on the path to no where in particular:

Bento Lunchbox ideas.  Won’t that be fun a few years down the road?

Why ALL Parents are Better Than You.  Uh-huh.

Knock-Off Flowers.  Yep.  This is project number 4 for this week and I just realized I did it wrong, so back to the drawing board for me (literally).

Owlet.  I really want to make the sweater, but I will settle for this.  Because it’s about time that I make something for myself.  Am I right?

Crockpot Bean and Sausage Soup which I will be making for the second time this week because it is very little prep for a great, hearty meal and because the Little Lotus Bud will eat the heck out of it.


I should be doing this:

10K Day.  I am sort of doing this and have 3K words but jeez, I’m tired now.

Photo Contest.  I’ve made a bit of progress on this.  I’m thinking of submitting this photo:

Blading with Daddy

Please tell me what you think of the photo submission.  I’m feeling…oh, I don’t know…shy, maybe, because it is an adult arena for photography and I am wanting to submit a photo of my baby when she was a baby.

I can’t help but wonder – Will I always second-guess myself in this way now that I am a mother?

Second-guessing:  are there areas where you do this?



4 thoughts on “Wandering on a Wednesday

  1. Okay, seriously, enter that picture! The colors are amazing, the sense of movement, oh and the expression on the kidlet’s face! Oh, and I already incorporate some of the bento concepts in ways that are easy for me–cookie cutters and tortillas–cute and done!

  2. Oh, and I am the QUEEN of the regretful replay (I guess that’s a form of second guessing). I actually can recall things I said years ago that I shouldn’t have and still find myself feeling ashamed…not something I’m proud of. I guess this is a kind of second guessing…

  3. Enter the Photo! It made me smile right away and I wanted to keep looking around the whole photo which shows there is great movement in the photo. I can see her expression from when she was tiny to her small self now! I also like the flowers. That reminds me of an art lesson I taught to my high school students about relief sculptures. I will have to show you some time.

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