A Rainy Wednesday is for Linking

Feed Lotus Bud breakfast.  Check.

Pack lunch.  Check.

Get to Zoo.  Check.

Get Lotus Bud down for nap.  Check.

Get Moogy lunch.  Fail.

Write an actual post.  Fail.

The days are full of ups and downs.  When are they not?  I’m satisfied when my days begin with a number of wins and try not to fret when, as the afternoon comes around, the day starts to fill with fails.  So I grab something snacky-snacky and wander around the Internet.

Here’s what I found this past week.

Take a look at these beautiful photos from a Sikh wedding ceremony!

If these animals don’t make you smile on a rainy afternoon, then I don’t know what else could.

Scary Mommy almost always cheers me up.  Check out her Scary Momfications.

I really want to tap maple trees this year.  Here’s a good how-to.  I met a Mama last year that told me she brews tea and makes rice with what comes out of her maple taps.  Doesn’t that sound interesting?

I was so this person before Lotus Bud came around.  The only things I’ve managed to be strict about are bedtimes and sweets.  Consistent bedtimes are for my sanity.  And, avoiding all sweets are for her health.  Her Dad has Type 1 diabetes so we’re trying to be real careful now while we can still control her sweet intake.

Yeah for me!  I got those flowers done!

I started thinking maybe there’s something hormonal about my extra attention to downs and fails this week.  I weaned the Lotus Bud last month and I think I’m not quite over that yet.  Thank goodness for the Internet because I found some articles here and here that confirmed the reason behind my blues.  I’ve dealt with depression before.  We did keep a close watch for postpartum depression which never really fully erupted.  Now out of nowhere I get slammed with a depression caused by a hormonal withdrawal from weaning.  Thank goodness we are getting an early Spring here in Minnesota!  Warm weather always helps my mood.

I’m going on a much lighter note.  Here’s a new favorite in our house : “I Love You Too“.  If you haven’t heard Ziggy Marley’s album Family Time, I’d say you were missing out!

Well look at that!  I do think I finally managed the semblance of a post!


One thought on “A Rainy Wednesday is for Linking

  1. Thank you for the link to the essay about judging…I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can sense when I’m being judged, even when nothing is said! I’ve also been that person. What is it about March? And, you’re right about weaning and depression–every time my boy drops a nursing session I get a wave of it. Good to know that I’m not alone in that! And, isn’t it true that the thing about most of this is that it’s good to know we are not alone?

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