So, this morning found me hopping up and down, clutching the middle finger of my left hand (which I had just shut in the bathroom door), trying not to swear too audibly whilst my darling boy obliviously watched his 5th, eight minute, episode of Kipper and 3rd, seven minute episode of Pingu.  All of which were enjoyed while eating a breakfast of eggs in a “pocket” (aka pita) and wearing his new crocodile t-shirt (thank you consignment shop!).  What a way to start the day…

(In case you are wondering–the mini-episode marathon was due to a family bout of insomnia during which the only person to sleep was the boy child.  Thank you claymation penguin and softly drawn British dog…you made our morning MUCH pleasanter.)

Some days are just like that.  And, since I smashed my finger this morning I rewarded myself for my pain and suffering by skipping my new running group and eating a donut instead–sensible no, survival, yes–and having a 16 ounce iced coffee on the way to playground #1 of the day (we mark our days in this blissful spring weather by the number of playgrounds we manage to hit).

Some days are just like that.  And, my finger is throbbing and it hurts to type–and I’m just a tad bitter about daylight savings time (hey, I grew up in Hawaii, where there is no daylight savings time and we get to enjoy a weather forecast that is largely 70 degrees and mostly sunny a good portion of the year).  And, with DST the boy child is having a hard time falling asleep at good ol’ 7pm AND waking up too early (where or where is the DST sleeping in I had heard rumors of?).  Additionally, due to the aforementioned evils of DST,  it has taken him an hour and a half of conversation with his loveys to get to the serious business of his nap.

Some days are just like that.  But, despite it all, I do hope the boy wakes up soon because while he was not napping in his crib (otherwise know as singing and practicing talking time) I turned the white noise machine up on high in our room and took a half hour nap.  And now, the sun is shining, the birds are singing (seriously, do the crows HAVE to perch outside the boy’s bedroom window) and a new (to us) playground is calling.

So, what is your day like?

What’s calling to you today?

(And, for extra credit, how on earth do you mainland folk (those not living in Arizona) deal with the artificial imposition of jet lag caused by daylight savings time (seriously all the jet lag, none of the vacation!)?


3 thoughts on “Yeouch!

    • I only felt the time difference when I was working full time and had to get up from an alarm clock and then be awake and presentable for a few hundred elementary students and all of their art supplies. Even if child woke up earlier then expected, I know I have the day to make what I/we want out of it now that I am home with her. If we are off a little I treat ourselves to something fun and different. It seems to all fall back into a normal pattern after one to three days.

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