Baby girl has everyone fooled. Everyone except me and the man-child, who she lovingly refers to as “Brother”. She is not a fan of strangers. She is not always a fan of familiars either. So don’t expect friend conversation from this particular toddler.

When we are around strangers she refuses to talk to them. She won’t say a word. And she shuts down completely if the strangers comes too close. She gives THE STARE. However, at home she is a chatter box.

She.won’t.stop.talking. At this point I think she says several new words each day. I can’t keep up anymore. I can have a full on kid conversation with her. She’s really good t giving orders.

“Mommy, sit down”
“Brother, stop talking to me.”
“Mommy, want cereal.”
“Mommy, she spilled. Need towel, clean it up.” <– that’s her speaking in the 3rd person
“Baby, sleepy. Go night, night”

And on, and on. But as I said, this is not the case when she is outside of her comfort zone. So I was a bit nervous when we headed to the zoo today.

We decided to park and ride the shuttle. All was well until we were on the bus. At that point she sat on my lap and hugged me for dear life. She refused to look up from my bosom. I felt sad for baby girl. I figured she was afraid of all the strangers in close proximity. Brother also tried to console her. But she wouldn’t even look at him. I hugged her back, kissed her head and told her we would be ok. Once we reached our destination and exited the bus her mood changed.

She sat happily in her stroller, eyes wide open. From the moment she saw the first animal she lit up. She immediately began talking to them. The animals, that is. Every two-legged creature was a duck and every four-legged creature was a cat. Well except the lion. THAT was a dog. No matter how much I insisted the lion was a big cat she disagreed and would say “No mommy, that’s dog!”

I couldn’t continue disagreeing with such an animated and excited toddler so we moved on. The animal that she will probably forever remember was the polar bear.

That was the only animal she did not say a word to. She just stared. Pointed and stared. She was mesmerized.

I let her stay a bit longer, just to stare at the massive animal. Because it appeared that she was connecting with it somehow. Perhaps they communicated in another way. Because she didn’t yell at him like she did to the giraffes.

One day I will ask her if she remembers the first time she met a polar bear.


One thought on “Speechless

  1. When I was younger growing up in Chicago, I was too amazed by the polar bear. Absolutely beautiful thank you for this it actually brought me peace of mind

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