A Moment of Honesty

The mornings are so quiet before the little ones awake.  It’s one of my favorite times. Much like the evening prior, once they have drifted into a slumber.  I call that my “ME TIME”.  It is sacred.  Any other moment it is elusive.  I cherish it.

The “ME TIME” is a well shared secret among us parent types. We tell each other all the time not to neglect setting aside some of this, “ME TIME”.  Many of us do not heed the warning. And we fall victim to the crazies. And we blame our little ones for the onset of the crazies. But how are they to know they are unaware thieves of the “ME TIME”?  We cannot blame them.  We can only cherish it once we have it.  And keep it a sacred moment in our lives as mamas (and papas). 

Let no one take it from you. Guard it with you sanity. Or else the crazies devour what good sense you thought you had.

How do you spend your “ME TIME”?


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