The summer heat covers me creating an electric blanket of warmth not felt any other time of year. Sweat pools on my scalp and slowly drips down the side of my face as I’m hunched over, hand pulling weeds. Sweat pools on my back and soaks my shirt ensuring that I will need to peel each item of clothing off. I smile and dig, and mow, and work my land to make it beautiful and grow things my family can eat.

I imagine the plump tomatoes, sweet cantaloupe, savory greens, fresh basil all harvested and eaten in the same day.




Standing tall, I survey the land.  As the heat rises from the ground and envelopes everything around it in waves… I smile with pride.  Teeth shining, tongue dry, reaching for water to coat the desert forming in my throat.

Then my mind drifts to the flowers moved from the back yard to the stone bordered flower bed in the front yard.  They need moisture.

With every step I make toward the water hose, the ground responds faithfully and pushes back with grass blades tickling my ankles.

Grasshoppers jump around my feet, butterflies flutter across my face.

Luck… Transformation… “Yes, tiny totems I hear your message…”

I water the flowers and daydream.


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