Looking back over this summer I realize the value in spending some serious quality time with my children. And just how difficult this task can be from day to day.

Working in the educational system certainly has some benefits. The possibility of having 2 months off during the summer was equally appealing as the possibility of effecting change in the life of a child when I accepted this position. I envisioned many summer days spent working on things around the yard, riding around the lake with children in tow, and taking a dip in the community pool. Most of that happened this summer.

Reflecting back, I spent my days lugging baby girl from errand to appointment, visiting friends and family and volunteering at the man-child’s summer program. Baby girl was enjoying the one on one attention, but also longing for more social time with other little people. Because of this I had to improvise.

I found it much less stressful to set up regular play-dates and allow the children to entertain each other. I realize the value in daycare programs when it comes to the socialization of our babies. It reminded me that my village extends out to the youth service organizations.  Which is well beyond the close network of family and friends.

I feel blessed to have a taste of both worlds. Those worlds being: stay at home mama and working outside the home mama.  Both are equally tough jobs even for mama’s unlike me who have the help and support of a spouse.  And yet I still feel like I could be doing so much more with and for my babies.  A lesson I have to relearn from time to time is to cut MYSELF some slack.  Even in the leisure of the summer days my mind worries that I am not doing enough.  When I really should be patting myself on the back for doing all that I can.


2 thoughts on “Reflections

    • It is a never ending quest to free myself from my own judgement. And to “give MYSELF a break”. Literally and figuratively.

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