Monday Memories

Back in May we had a surprisingly great trip to the Black Hills full of adventure, beautiful cabin locations, and invigorating hikes. Yet it’s this moment that I keep coming back to when I think of an image that sums up the wonder of the spring trip.

Thunder roamed the hills and momentarily overwhelmed the sounds of Whitewood creek. We decided to stick it out and we were rewarded.

I remember how good it all felt – the picnic lunch, the panning for gold, the prickly tall grass underneath the blanket, the rocks plunging into the creek.  And I distinctly remember this was how I imagined motherhood to be: teaching my child not to be scared off by the thunder, teaching her the taste of rain in the air, teaching her how to follow a path into adventure, teaching her to sit down in a field next to a creek and savor the experience.

It feels great to take the time to remember these moments and I think I’ll continue to do so every week.  Because despite my doubts I find that I’m a better Mama than I realize.


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