Leap into the New Year

leap in the new year

The last few months of the year always pass so quickly for me.  That could be because of the pile up of holidays beginning in October and not letting up until January.  Sometime I feel there’s no time for peaceful contemplation or sincere gratitude.  Yet there always seems to be plenty of time to consider what wasn’t successful in the last year.  What’s with that, huh?  So, this year end I’m going to focus on the good, let struggling issues ride out the new year and begin again without the weight of regret or guilt.

Onto the prep for starting the new year full of fun and happiness!

Instead of a big resolution this new year’s eve, how about choosing a word-of-the-year?

Or consider picking up a new habit.

The importance of being a choice.  So often I feel “I have” to do this or that.  Changing this phrasing can make a world of difference as I take the path to those things “I get” to do in a day.

Decorating for the holidays?  Getting crafty?  If you are anything like me, there is always sadness with taking down decorations that have only been up for a few days.  So I switched my ideas about decorating for the holidays to decorating for the winter season.  Follow the link and you will only find a few pins, but it’s enough to keep me busy for a while.

What helps you all make the leap into the New Year?  Are you focused on all the good from 2012?  What do you want to change for 2013?

Have a great start to the New Year, everyone!

Be true to youself.

Be happy.

Be well.


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