Double down naps = A happy afternoon

I’m pretty happy. We’re almost 5 months into life with baby number two and for the first time I have managed putting both girls down, at the same time, and they’re sleeping for over an hour.

And I got a snooze. Booyakasha!

What’s more I may even get time to sneak in a magazine article on food in the twin cities!

Today’s trick to happy napping :
– Later bedtime for daughter 1, at 2pm
– Not letting daughter 2 sleep too long in carseat after school pick up
– Reading books in our bed with them both, D1 reading with me, D2 doing tummy time and rolling around and generally burning herself out.



4 thoughts on “Double down naps = A happy afternoon

  1. Good job on the naps. It’s all about finding the rhythm of family, right? My problem is that once I get the dance steps right, suddenly it all changes into a new phase. LOL! It sure keeps me on my toes.

    I was about to recommend METRO magazine because I liked the food articles better than MplsStPaul, but I just went to look for it online and found they are suspending publication for a while. Oh well.

      • Thank you, there are pretty moments and then the not so pretty ones. I try to make the former more prevalent than the latter!

    • Yes – it never stops changing does it? It’s nice when you find a sweet spot for a while tho!

      Re the magazine – it’s the first time I’ve bought a mag in a long time, I like keeping up-to-date on all those tasty looking food offerings around town, for one of those days that we might be able to organize a date night!

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