Spring projects with the toddler/preschooler

Tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of Spring. The weather here in Minnesota has made other plans. Are you getting tired of winter, or is it just me? This moment, the one right in between these two seasons, gives license to melodrama I think.

Toddlers have no use for melodrama unless it is of their own making.  The days need to be filled with activities despite weather and mood.  Now that my little Lotus Bud is on the verge of being an all-out preschooler, she is more motivated by directed activities and crafts.

Before I came to know myself as a crafty Mama, I just thought I was resourceful and clever, re-using bits of things here and there, diy-ing my way to some useful accomplishments, thrifting around rather than buying new. When I thought of myself as a mother, I always imagined we would do projects together.

I have been waiting for this moment for three years.

I feel like I’m entering the golden years of Bud’s childhood.  There are so many things we can do together now and here are just a few.

The black containers are from all the mushrooms I bought for Bud’s birthday brunch.  We poked holes into the bottom, then filled them with dirt. Yes, I realize it may be too early to start seeds. We can plant more if needed.

mushroom containers

Digging in dirt? Inside the house? Oh just you wait little girl, we will soon move outdoors.

I hope.

Hello spring

Hello spring!

We had another chance to plant seeds at the North Mississippi Regional Park.

12 - 71

Great ideas for decorating seed pots.

What the heck do we do with all that glorious artwork our children create? It is stuff that’s impossible to throw away but can no longer sit in piles throughout my house.


I cut into her precious artwork with butterfly stencils.

I like playing with scissors and I know that Niobe likes sticking things on the walls. I combined these two which led to a pleasant afternoon. See. Mama and daughter can both be happy. I need this reminder every once and a while. I never would have found the right pattern for the butterflies without her. That could only come from the mind of my child. The experience gave me an opportunity to put the “om” back in mom.


There used to be baby animals and penguins in her room. Those have come down and been replaced by elements that represent the seasons: autumn leaves, winter snowflakes, spring flowers and now, summer butterflies. She’s had more say in how her room is decorated even though the ideas come from me. I wanted to put these butterflies on the dining room windows but she insisted they fly in her room. I’m coming to see the real wonder of sharing life with a little girl.

Here are a few more spring projects and toddler activities.

What projects are you looking forward to doing this spring with your kiddo?


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