Mama MeiMei

It’s quite simple really. I’m 30-something, Hong Kong born, adopted and naturalized as Irish (thanks to my father), speak German (thanks to my mother), hold Australian citizenship (which is where I grew up for 15 years) and ended up in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a baby girl (both thanks to my husband) after living in Edinburgh and London for a total of 11 years.

We’ve been loving the Mini Apple for 2 years now.

I’ve been many things in my life, here are a few in some kind of order:

  1. Adventurous child
  2. Rebellious teenager
  3. Tree planter
  4. Shy bartender
  5. Terrible waitress
  6. Designer of international brands
  7. Sushi Chef
  8. Wedding planner (minus the bridezilla effect)
  9. Wife
  10. On-and-off artist
  11. Wannabe writer
  12. A mummy that tries very hard to be the best mummy she can possibly be
  13. A juggler, so to speak.

Perhaps being a juggler sums up my overall profession in life. And mostly, it’s a ball (ahem) as what is thrown at me is as colorful as it is plentiful. I don’t usually get flustered when there are too many objects in the air – but there are times when I feel the need to be grounded, quiet, alone and given space to think and maybe, if I’m lucky, the time to write about it all.

It might be just one sentence (or one word!), or it could be an essay on the nature of nematodes (no, I promise it won’t be that).

Either way, I am currently feeling sheepishly proud that you took the time to read on thus far. And I’ll be glad to share more, should you find the inclination and a spare moment in your day to do so.


Jump right in.

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